Your Book Week Contributions

24 August 2021

We are very grateful for the many emails we have received from students, parents and staff with photos, videos, drawings, book reviews and recommendations for this year’s Book Week which we are sharing with you below.

Our English Department also ran several competitions, including Kahoot quizzes, staff dress-ups and a slogan competition where staff has been asked to create a slogan to go with the official book week theme of "Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds". We shall share some images from these competitions with you in the week ahead.

A special thanks as well goes to College Captain Hamza Ghouse for initiating and organising the Year 12 Kahoot night.

A few short Book Week videos have also been added to our ASC YouTube Channel which can be viewed here.

While we are bidding our farewells to Book Week tonight, the love and joy for reading will surely continue, because “the more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go” (Dr Seuss).

We are greatly looking forward to our annual Book Character Parade next term and are hopeful that we can host this celebration together in person back on campus, inShaAllah.