2017 Ramadan Date, Cards and Soy Candle Drive

20 April 2017

Al Siraat is running its annual “Ramadan Date Drive” this year to raise funds for outdoor furniture around the playground. This year, we have added beautiful hand crafted Eid Cards as well as soy candles "by Suz" to the date drive. The dates supplied are delicious Hedieh Iranian dates.

Please support our fundraising efforts by purchasing some delicious dates, Eid cards and candles. Buy some as gifts, buy some for family members and buy some for yourself.

All orders must be placed to the Admin Office by Wednesday, 3 May 2017. Complete payment must be made on ordering. Please note that the Office does not accept orders without a completed order form!

You can come and see a sample of the candle at the office. The Eid cards are also available from the Admin Office while stock lasts.

This is purely a pre ordered fundraising event.

Dates and Candles cannot be purchased after Wednesday, 3 May 2017.

InShaAllah, the dates and candles will be distributed from Thursday, 18 May.