Al-Habib Kadhim's Visit to Al Siraat

8 August 2017

Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s grace last Friday, 4 August 2017, Al Siraat College was honoured to host Islamic scholar Sayyidi Al-Habib Kadhim Al-Saqqaf visiting Australia from Tarim in Yemen.

Habib Kadhim conducted the first community Friday prayer in our new Jummah Prayer Program.

The shaykh’s message was one of peace and tolerance. He drew lessons in his sermon from the Hadith, “The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand the people are safe, and the believer is the one from whom the people’s lives and wealth are safe." He reminded us that as Muslims, it is our duty to be spreading peace and safety throughout the land, and as if we are not doing so, we need to reassess our connection with the teachings of our prophet (s.a.w.).

After the prayer, Habib Kadhim and his entourage met with teachers and staff in our Student Services building and took a our of the school grounds with College Principals Ms Rahat and Mr Houghton.

Asked what advice he had for Al Siraat in terms of our teachings, he said three points:

  • 1. Strong focus on the students’ etiquette, morals and character as well as their academic improvement
  • 2. Encourage students to have broad, accepting mindsets and open hearts for all people, no matter their background or religion, and be kind to all creation, including animals.
  • 3. Have students focused on gaining beneficial knowledge.

Shaykh Al-Habib Kadhim was impressed with the College’s achievements in its very short history and prayed that the school would have many more bountiful years ahead of it, inSh