Annual Islamic Quiz Competition

6 September 2016

In its third consecutive year, the Islamic Quiz was once again facilitated by Darul Ulum College, playing host to both Al Siraat and Ilim College. The event was held in the school’s Masjid, with a large audience in attendance.

Holding the title from 2015, Al Siraat was aiming for a back-to-back consecutive victory. As for Ilim, they were battling it out for their very first triumph since the inception of the program.

The quiz commenced with the year 6 Round. Each school was given an opportunity to answer a series of questions. Darul Ulum came out firing, with almost a flawless round, concluding the round on 110 points and Al Siraat on 70.

Round two hosted the year 7 students, and yet again Darul Ulum lead the charge. Both Ilim College and Al Siraat struggled to answer an adequate amount of questions in this round.

Round three played out very differently, with the competition seemingly very close between Darul Ulum and Al Siraat. Ilim College did however improve as the competition progressed. However it was Al Siraat who took home the leading points for this round, with a total of 115 point, beating Darul Ulum by 5 points.

Round four was very much a one sided affair, with yet another strong win by Darul Ulum, whose year 9 students seemed very knowledgeable on most of the topic areas. At this stage of the quiz it was becoming very obvious who was going to take the 2016 title.

In the final round, there was a small glimmer of hope for both Ilim and Al Siraat College. This hope however was soon dampened by the shear fact that Darul Ulum were just too strong in 2016, dominating in yet another round and being announced the 2016 winners.

Despite the near perfect win, Darul Ulum Principal Mr Gokler made a fantastic speech highlighting the actual purpose of the event. Although the event was delivered in a competitive context, the true and important element of the event was to further increase everyone with knowledge, he also stated that ‘We are all students of knowledge and know one, not even any Sheikh, can say that they have all the knowledge in Islam, we need to continue to seek knowledge, I even learnt something that I didn’t know myself’.

Visiting students were offered a light snack and beverage and departed for their journey back to school.

Thank you to Darul Ulum for hosting such a well organized event, and a big thank you to all the staff involved. May Allah continue to unite our school in the cause to seek and excel in the quest for knowledge, and may He give us the ability to convey the message to all of humanity.