Clean Up Australia Day 2017

8 March 2017

This year, all the students in the Hifz program have taken an active leadership role in advocating the importance of caring for our environment and the country we have been blessed with. They have worked hard to create a checklist of facts and posters to educate the student community in both their classes and repective assemblies.

In preparation for the day, the students took part in group activities that would strengthen their team building skills. They learnt the importance of being unified and working together in achieving a shared goal. Through collaboration, the students used their skills in cooperating together, using good communication skills within groups to share ideas and to listen respectfully to others’ opinions.

To showcase their learning students then needed to prepare themselves in their public speaking skills as they endeavoured to address all the high school and primary school students within their year level assemblies.

The overall outcome was one that the students would remember as they realised that they had not only gained an awareness in what it means to be a responsible citizen, but also the thrill and enthusiasm that was built within each students when they received such a welcoming and supportive response from the students they presented to.

Activities like this not only present students with an opportunity to develop themselves as citizens, but also an opportunity for teachers across the College to witness our students shine in different ways.