Congratulations to Naziihah Hafidi

26 April 2017

Congratulations and Mabrook to our Senior School student Nur Naziihah Hafidi from Year 7A1 and her family for representing Al Siraat College in the annual Islamic conference "Twins of Faith". We are proud to announce that Naziihah won Third Place in the "Budding Writers Competition" for this year's theme of "Dunya".

Alhamdulillah, the award presentation event that Naziihah and her whole family attended at the Flemington Racecourse was a beautiful and memorable one. She was very proud and happy to be representing Al Siraat College and also formed friendships with the other winners from different school such as AIA and Ilim College, sharing one another's experiences and writing. Naziihah's entry was judged by inspiring Muslim author Naima B.Roberts.

Naziihah and her family would like to express their gratitude to Ms Breis for encouraging her to take part in the Competition and for being a great teacher/mentor to her since the beginning of the year.