Eid Al-Fitr Celebration and Charity Drive

12 August 2013

To share the blessings of breaking fast together, Al Siraat College invited our Senior boys and girls students on two separate nights for Iftar. The food was freshly prepared by staff, ready to break fast after Maghreb time.

Male students also had the opportunity to sleep in the Musallah on one of the ten last and most blessed nights of Ramadan. Many students and some parents took up this offer, mashaAllah.

Ms Cheryl and Ms Tanya had coordinated a charity drive of tinned and non-perishable food to be donated to support the Halal Food Bank with much needed items to be distributed to the homeless and needy within our community. Many bags could be passed on which the students helped carry into the collector's van. A total of nearly 500 tins came together, mashaAllah.

The students enjoyed an "out of uniform" Special Eid Assembly where they could wear their beautiful and stunning Eid outfits to the class. The Qur'an Department had kindly organised for each attending parent and all staff to be given a sweet-tooth necklace to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. Students were given certificates and listened to special performances of nasheeds, a play and a presentation.

Thank you to all parents, staff and students who made our Special Eid Assembly a real community celebration and very colourful event indeed.