Hajj Simulation 2014

22 September 2014

The Hajj Simulation conducted in the last week of term 3 was one of the highlights from the Religion Department designed to build a better awareness and appreciation for the real Hajj. The lead up to this event included a number of related activities both in the Islamic Studies lessons as well as promotion at assemblies for both the Junior and Secondary students.

A special feature of the simulation this year was the fundraising efforts that helped send 13 Qurbans to the less fortunate in countries such Somalia, India, and Palestine, as well as to the Burmese refugees.

Thanks to the pledge from Mr Houghton who agreed to have his head shaved if at least $1000 were raised, the charity poured in at the last minute to help raise over $1400 in total! In the end, we had a line up of six brave men who offered their hair at the thrill of the Junior School audience – Ust Abdul Rahman, Ust Osman, Ust Amir, Mr Ahmed, Mr Fazeel, and Mr Houghton. Our thanks also goes out to Mr Orhan, our local hair dresser and a parent at the College, for doing all the shaves.

Well after the event, our young Foundation students were still heard clearly echoing "“Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik....”. It was wonderful to see the support of so many parents coming along to participate on the day.

Now with everything done and dusted, remember to welcome back the Hajjis who will now be returning home again inshaAllah. Ask them to make dua’ as they are returning in a state of forgiveness so their prayers will be more readily accepted. Hajj Mabrook to Br. Maqsood from our Admin department, and his family! Hajj Mabrook also to those of our families who were blessed with the pilgrimage this year.