Hajj Simulation 2022

22 June 2022

To re-enact the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), students at Al Siraat College took part in the Hajj simulation coordinated by the Religion Department.

The Primary school students were taught about the rituals in their classes as part of their study and then the students got an opportunity to apply their learning into practice by taking part in the Hajj simulation.

What is Hajj?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and once in a lifetime, every adult Muslim who has the physical and financial ability should make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah.
Hajj is a commemoration of the life and trials of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his family. It is a large communal event, as over three million Muslims of diverse backgrounds gather to perform the same rituals over a period of five days in and around Makkah.

When does Hajj take place?

Hajj lasts for five days during the month of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th month of the lunar Islamic calendar.
The Pilgrims stay at Mina, spend a day at Arafat, a night in Muzdalifah and return to Makkah for the farewell Tawaaf.

Eid ul-Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice) is celebrated by Muslims worldwide on the third day of the Hajj, which will fall on the 10th / 11th of July in 2022. The Eid celebration begins with a special prayer in the morning, followed by a sermon. After the sermon, Muslims are recommended to sacrifice a lamb or goat, re-enacting the story of Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS).

The Purpose of Hajj

The fundamental goal of Hajj is seeking forgiveness from Allah. The pilgrims need to be humble and patient. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that a person who performs Hajj properly, “will return as a newly born baby (free of all sins).”

Alhamdulillah, Hajj simulation was celebrated at school with zeal and enthusiasm. Staff and students enjoyed carrying out the rituals such as:

– circulating the Ka’bah
– performing Sa’ee
– standing in the plain of Arafat and making Dua with a bus tour
– spending time in Tents to commemorate stay in Mina
– sleeping and collecting rocks at Muzdalifah
– throwing rocks at Jamarat
– drinking of Zamzam water.

We wish everyone a Blessed Eid-Ul-Adha.

From the Islamic Department