Hifz End of Year Awards Ceremony

11 December 2023

The College hosted the end of the year awards ceremony for our esteemed Hifz program on Thursday, 6th of December 2023, where we also welcomed new Hifz students for the coming year 2024.

The MC for this special ceremony was our Head of Primary School Mr Mohamed Elbotaty. The event started with the beautiful recitation of the Quran by Hifz students Iraj Mohammed & Miqdad Baisa, followed by a talk from Principal Mr Fazeel and Sheikh Waseem.

Mr Fazeel and Ms Rahat then proceded to the presentation of our Hifz High Achievers Awards:

  • Rubab Fatiha
  • Iraj Mohammed
  • Abeera Mubashir
  • Hamzah Hussain
  • Harris Wardak
  • Suzaul Salehi
  • Abdul-Fattah Youssef
  • Tahsin Ashraf
  • Omar Ganatra
  • Sarah Binte Bani Raizan Mohamed
  • Ghazal Khodr
  • Zahra Asif.

Sheikh Waseem warmly welcomed all new Hifz students of 2024 who received certificates and gift bags as welcome gifts. The ceremony concluded with du'as recited by a group of our Hifz boys.