Hifz Graduation Ceremony 2022

8 December 2022

It is our immense honour to congratulate 12 of our students on their completion of memorising the Noble Qur'an. The College hosted a beautiful and emotional Hifz Graduation Ceremony inside our Auditorium last week which was very well attended by parents, students and staff.

The reward for memorising Qur'an Majeed is great and the act itself is meritorious. Allah Ta'ala has promised many bounties for those who learn and study the Qur'an.

The ceremony felt very serene, with the seven male and five female Hifz students taking turns as their names were called to recite Qur'an for up to 5 minutes each. They also shared their journey of memorisation with the audience.

Fellow Hifz students who are currently enrolled in our Hifz program were also in attendance and performed some beautiful nasheeds, followed by an intermission for the afternoon (asr) prayer.

Our twelve Hufaadh Qur'an were then awarded with their Graduation Certificates by our Special Guest Shaykh Abbas Ali Zuberali who also gave a sermon (bayaan). The boys were each presented with white imamah turbans whereas the girls received a tiara crown each.

May Allah Ta'ala accept our Hufaadh Qur'an, their families, our College students, parents and staff and the ummah in large, inShaAllah. Aamin.

The ceremony concluded with the traditional cutting of the celebration cake. The live streaming of the ceremony will be made available on our ASC YouTube channel in due time.