Ilm High Achievers of Term 2

4 August 2023

A special early morning assembly was conducted at 7.30am this morning to honour and award the top three students from each ILM level who had attained the highest results in their coursework and exam works of Term 2.

After Principal Mr Fazeel Arain addressed the students in a special speech, our highest achieving ILM Program students received their Award Certificates and IBC gift vouchers from Sheikh Waseem and Mr Fazeel.

Congratulation to the students below. May Allah reward them for their effort and grant them success in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

Ilm Level 1

  • 1st position: Shafiqah Ai`shah Baswedan (99.5%)
  • 2nd position: Safia Mohammad (97.3%)
  • 3rd position: Muawia Ibrahim (86.7%).

ILM Level 2 is not offered this year.

Ilm Level 3

  • 1st position: Zaid Omer¬†(91%)
  • 2nd position: Yousuf Mohammad (87%)
  • 3rd position: Abdullah Mohammad (71%).

ILM Level 4

  • 1st position: Zain Khan (99%)
  • 2nd position: Ayoub Godfrey (98.13%)
  • 3rd position: Shaima Hoque (94%).