Inaugural Hifz Students Reunion

14 June 2023

What better way to celebrate brotherhood than by reuniting the wonderful first ever Hifz cohort for a bbq on the long weekend public holiday. It was a true blast from the past with a fantastic alumni student turnout on the day!

As teachers, we hold on to many precious memories made with these former students during their time at Al Siraat and vice versa. We shared many funny stories and caught up with what everyone has been up to in their life journeys since leaving the College.

We are very grateful to Sheikh Abdulrahman for inviting the former Hifz boys (aka fine young men now) to revisit their childhood memories at Al Siraat, and a big shout-out to Br Shukran for cooking an awesome bbq for us all to share and enjoy together.

We look forward to seeing everyone and those who could not make it on this occasion at the next milestone get-together, inShaAllah.