Interfaith Dialogue Project 2016

25 February 2016

The Interfaith Dialogue Project started in partnership with St. Monica’s College (SMC) in 2015 with Senior students from Year 9 participating. In 2016, our newly appointed Interfaith Ambassadors from Year 9 are partaking in the project.

In 2016, the Interfaith Dialogue Project expanded with Thomastown Secondary College, a local public school, being on board as well besides Al Siraat and St. Monica’s College.

The Project kicked off during Term 1 with our Interfaith Ambassadors visiting SMC and Thomastown Secondary College to discuss the importance and structure of interfaith dialogues at SMC. It was an amazing opportunity for our students to share their experiences with the other two colleges.

All the students expressed the need to take this project further with continuous expansion so that the message of harmony can be spread out.

We are greatly looking forward to welcoming students from SMC and Thomastown College at A Siraat in Term 2.