Interfaith Leadership Excursion: Homeless Run

24 November 2017

Our Year 9 Interfaith Ambassadors made a trip to the city to find and speak with homeless people on the street. This was an eye opener for most of our students who had never previously spoken to someone in that situation. Earlier in the week, the students had prepared gift bags to hand out from donations that Ms Nurdan kindly arranged.

One of the comments that deeply touched our hearts was from a homeless man who stated: “You people are saving lives!” This puzzled our students who simply saw themselves as walking around and talking with the homeless people and giving them a gift bag of toiletries, snacks, and other useful items. He explained that they do not know who may have been on the brink of depression and causing themselves harm, but on account of some kind words and a smile, it made a world of difference to a lonely person.

Please read some of the other comments our students collected from the day below.