Islamic Book Fair 2015

23 June 2015

We are pleased to inform you that our Ramadan Special Book Fair has opened today, Tuesday 23rd of June and will conclude on Thursday 25th of June, 2015.

Islamic Bookshop & Clothing (IBC) will set up their displays in the Assembly Room and students and parents are most welcome to attend and purchase books, and other Islamic essentials from the Book Fair.

Parents can attend the Book Fair at recess, lunch and also from 3pm till 4.30 pm, Insha Allah. Your child will also be able to attend the Book Fair during the school time as designated times will be given to each class from Foundation to Year 12. If you happen to be at school any time, you may attend alongside students and teachers.

We request you to provide your child with money if they wish to purchase any Islamic items from the Book Fair. Please take note that most items will be priced from 50 cents upwards, so everyone can afford something. Most items will be around $2- $5. The Book Fair will feature books, stationery, gifts, fun items, attar, sajadah and lots more.

If parents have specific orders, they can visit the Book Fair on Tuesday and make their orders for delivery on Wednesday & Thursday. EFTPOS facilities will be available.

Buy your family an Islamic Gift this Eid – join us in the Book Fair for a good deal while IBC is at Al Siraat College. This is a convenient way to buy since the Book Store will be here for parents and students for three days.

Ensure your child gets money from home if they wish to buy some Islamic items from the Book Fair on Tuesday 23rd June, Wednesday 24th June and Thursday 25th June, Insha Allah

Looking forward to your support and assistance.

Your brother in Islam

Mohammed Azim Head of Islamic Integration