Islamic Quiz - Grand Final Junior School

28 August 2015

On Thursday, 27th August 2015, the successful Islamic Quiz Grand Final was held in the Junior School Assembly Area. Parents, teachers and students attended this informative and interesting event. Team Abu Bakr emerged as winners over Team Talha by a score of 61 to 50.

Earlier in the night, Team Talha defeated Team Omar with a score of 70 to 61 to qualify for the Grand Final.

The College thanks the parents, teachers and participating students who made this event a success.

The winners – Team Abu Bakr – had Abdul Raqib Shaik (Captain), Hamza Hamida and Mohammed Omer. They won a team trophy, individual trophies, gift packs and certificates.

The Runner Up – Team Talha Bin Ubaydillah – had Hamdan Yousuf (Captain), Ayoub Godfrey and Mohammed Abdul-Kadir Hassan. They won individual medallions, gift packs and certificates.

Our thanks also goes to the third place getters in the Grand Final – Team Umar which had Jabir Abdirizak Farah as Captain, Mohammed Bakir Al Ghazawi and Alzubair Omer as members. They won gift packs and certificates.

Congratulations to Team Abu Bakr and thanks to Team Talha and Team Umar for putting up a great challenge on the quiz night.

Looking forward to another eventful program next year, Insha Allah.