Islamic Storytime in Term 4 of 2022

7 December 2022

Islamic Storytime continued in term 4, with mums and their pre-school children enjoying a wonderful program organised by our parent volunteers Ms Rihana and Ms Sarvath.

The topic this term focused on what our beloved prophet Muhammed (PBUH) taught us about being good Muslims. Each week had a different theme, and they included:

  • Saying "Bismillah"
  • Sunnah of eating
  • Sunnah of sleeping
  • Sunnah of how to treat your family
  • Sunnah of smiling
  • Sunnah of being charitable.

Different activities and stories each week focused on the theme of the week. Furthermore, this term we introduced a fruit snack which was very popular with the children.

To celebrate the conclusion of another wonderful program and year at Islamic Storytime, Ms Rihana and Ms Sarvath had organised a party for the mums and children where certificates were given to all participating children. The room was decorated and the children engaged in lots of fun activities. A lovely morning tea was enjoyed by all.

We are very grateful to everyone who has attended each week to enjoy Islamic Storytime with their children. We are extremely grateful to Ms Rihana and Ms Sarvath for their time, dedication and efforts to this program. It would not be as successful as it is without their huge commitment.