Junior Students Welcome Ramadan

7 June 2016

A special Ramadan Assembly was conducted for the Year Foundation-2 and Year 3-6 students a week ago to welcome the sacred month of Ramadan.

Students from Year Foundation to Year 6 got to taste some delicious dates and they enjoyed the presentations by some of the Year levels in the separate assemblies for F-2 and Year 3-6. Students and teachers from the Islamic Department came up with presentations such as:

  • Nasheed- Welcome O Ramadan - Year 4A girls

  • Caterpillar Walk for Ramadan Deed –Year 1C

  • Ramadan dialogue- Year 3B and C

  • Nasheed- Months in Islam – FA

  • Speech on Laylatul Qadr- Year 2A

  • Tilawat and translation of surah Al Qadr- Year 5B and 6B

  • Speech on Fasting - Year 6A

  • Role Play on Ramadan- Year 5A.

The students enjoyed every moment of the program with some very good reminders for the sacred month. They learnt the do’s and don’ts during the month of Ramadan as well.

Have a blessed and happy Ramadan!