Primary Islamic Quiz 2016

20 May 2016

Bismillah Hirrahman irraheem- (In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful).

Asalaamu Alaikum

Al Siraat hosted our Primary Islamic Quiz at the Junior School's Assembly Area on Thursday, 19th May 2016. Alhamdulillah, it was a wonderful success. All thanks to Allah, the Almighty.

The objective of this event was to stimulate the spiritual and intellectual development of our students in Islamic knowledge. Students from Years 4 to 6 competed against each other. In the end, students from Year 6 won. However, the objective of the Quiz event was not about winning the competition but but to provide an opportunity for the students to participate in the quiz where they got engaged in learning about their deen in a fun, interactive and competitive way.

Many thanks to all the hard working and dedicated staff in the Religion and Arabic Departments for planning, organizing and orchestrating the Quiz.