Qur'an Competition 2013

4 November 2013

The melodious voices of the students from all grade levels echoed through the Serenity Reception Hall in Somerton which was the location for the 2013 Al Siraat College Quran Competition on 4th November.

With about 200 people in attendance, the students had nervously waited for this night. The results of their recitations were impressive, especially in the hifz rounds where the audience was left breathless at the ease at which the students perfectly recalled random sections of up to 5 Juz. Some of our guest judges likewise left the audience in awe with Maulana Ismail from Dandenong narrating the story of a woman who only spoke in verses from the Quran and Maulana Irshad who made the opening recitation along with a couple of beautiful nasheeds.

Our thanks also to our female judges Ms Aadila and Ms Noor who graciously gave up their evening to assist in grading each contestant.

With the support of all our teachers and support staff, and in particular the Quran team who helped organise the night, this event allowed our students to further push themselves to perfect their Quran reading. What better way to shine than to declare the love for the Word of Allah!