Qur'an Competition: Grand Final 2015

26 October 2015

Alhamdulillah, the 2015 Quran Competition was a great success. The competition was held at Epping Memorial Hall and began at 5pm with Ustazh Amir acting as MC. We had our own judges from our skilled Quran staff: Sheikh Waseem, Ustazh Abdulrahman, Ustazh Ahmad, Ms Fauzia, Ms Maryam and Ms Nuha.

There were beautiful nasheeds from Ms Najma’s Foundation class, a group of Year 3 and 4 as well as our Hifz students. There was also a breathtaking recitation from Muhamed Hassan, a Hifz student and a speech on the virtues of Quran from Bilal Adnan, a senior SRC member. The competition coincided with the 9th of Muharram fast and so the event ended with everyone breaking their fast together after praying Salatul Maghrib in congregation.

Well done to all our contestants and congratulations to the winners! May Allah make it easy for our students to continue in their quest to perfect their reading and memorisation and may He reward everyone who has sacrificed their time and effort for His pleasure.

The winners for each category are as follows:

Category 1: Primary Naathirah

  • First – Sakeenah Brookman 5A

  • Second – Yusuf Brookman 6B

  • Third – Ayman Yohannes 6B

Category 2: Secondary Girls Naathirah

  • First – Fardosa Hassan 8A
  • Second – Amira Khan 8A
  • Third – Fatima Mohamed 9A

Category 3: Secondary Boys Naathirah

  • First – Mohamed Mohamed 7B

  • Second – Yusha Mohammed Sardar 9B

  • Third – Ahmed Godfrey 7B

Category 4: Hifz Juz' 30 First – Dawud Ali Alam Hifz Second – Zaynab Kewal 5A Third – Anam Ansari Hifz

Category 5: Hifz Juz' 26 – 30

  • First – Rihlah Hassan Hifz

  • Second – Yusuf Abdirizak Mohamed 8B

  • Third – Dalkifly Daud Mohamed Hifz

Category 6: Hifz Juz' 21 – 30

  • First – Rafiq Leghari Hifz

  • Second – Mohamed Abdul-Kadir Hassan Hifz

  • Third – Ruweyda Yusuf Hifz