Semester 2 Hifz Awards Program

11 June 2015

Alhamdolillah, 18 students received mid year awards for their Hifz performance and exemplary behaviour on Tuesday 9th of June, 2015. Maulana Waseem presented the awards to the students and stressed the need for students to stay motivated and focussed when reading and memorising the Holy Quran.

Top Hifz Performance
1. Hamdi Ruweyda Yusuf
2. Abubakar Hassan
3. Omer Mohammed
4. Dawud Ali Alam

Hifz Improvement Award
1. Anam Miriam Ansari
2. Jabir Abdirizak Farah
3. I brahim Usman
4. A bdullahi Mohamed
5. Hassan Tiba
6. Rihlah Mohamed
7. Jabir Abdirazak Isak

Exemplary Behaviour Award
1. Nuseyba Mohamed
2. Hamdan Mohammed Yousuf
3. Abdul Saleem Mohammed
4. Mariam Siddiqui

Most Improved Behaviour Award
1. Abdulrahman Ibrahim
2. Mohsin Khan
3. Abdulrahman Taleb

Those who recite the Book of Allah, and establish Salaat and spread out of that which Allah has bestowed on them, secretly or openly, they look forward to a bargain that can never fail. (Al Quran 35:29)