Year 2 Salah Project

25 September 2020

Our Year 2 students studied the topic of "Salah" in Term 3 via remote learning. Therefore, they were assigned a project on the topic of ‘salah’.

We would like to thank all parents for supporting their children during these difficult times and ensuring their work was completed in the best way they could. Some of our students' work samples are attached and the story of how the five daily prayers were made obligatory upon us.

Students have also provided us with lovely video recordings of their projects.


The journey from Makkah to Al Aqsa and above the heavens to meet Allah (swt)

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was at Makkah when angel Jibril (as) descended and took him on a journey on an animal called ‘Buraq’. They headed to Jerusalem, where the Prophet (ﷺ)’s heart was washed with Zamzam water. He (ﷺ) led the prayer in masjid Al Aqsa and all the other prophets of Allah prayed behind him (ﷺ). This signifies the status of Prophet (ﷺ) as the leader of all other prophets.

Then they ascended to the nearest heaven. Upon reaching the first heaven, Jibril (as) said to the gatekeeper of the heaven, 'Open the gate,' The gatekeeper asked, 'Who is it?' Jibril (as) answered: 'Jibril.' The gatekeeper asked, 'Is there anyone with you?' Jibril (as) replied, 'Yes, Muhammad is with me.' He asked, 'Has he been called?' Jibril (as) said, 'Yes.' So, the gate opened and they went over to the nearest heaven and there he met with Adam (as). They greeted each other.

Then they proceeded to the second heaven, where they met with Isa (as) and Yahya (as). On the third heaven they met Yusuf (as). On the fourth heaven they met Idris (as). Then, in the fifth heaven they met Harun (as). In the sixth heaven they met Musa (as) and in the seventh heaven they met Ibrahim (as). On the seventh heaven they saw ‘Baitul Mamoor’ – the ka’bah of the angels. Everyday 70,000 new angels make tawaf around this ka’bah. Ibrahim (as) built the ka’bah in the world so Allah (swt) gave him the place at ‘Baitul Ma’moor’ in the seventh heaven.

After the seventh heaven, they arrived at the place called Sidratul Muntaha. Here there are four rivers- two hidden rivers of hereafter (Salsabeel and Kawthar) and the two rivers of the world (Nile and Euphrates). No one had ever gone further from this point, not even Jibril(as). Prophet (ﷺ) was the first one to go beyond and that’s where he (ﷺ) met with Allah (swt), most likely from behind the veil; Allah knows best.

Allah (swt) enjoined fifty prayers on the Prophet (ﷺ)’s followers. When he (ﷺ) returned with this order of Allah and passed by Musa (as), he asked, 'What has Allah enjoined on your followers?' Upon hearing about fifty salah, Musa (as) said, 'Go back to your Lord (and appeal for reduction), for your followers will not be able to bear it.' Thus, Muhammad (ﷺ) went back to Allah and requested for reduction. Allah (swt) reduced it to half. When he (ﷺ) passed by Musa (as) again and informed him about it, he said, 'Go back to your Lord as your followers will not be able to handle it.' So, he (ﷺ) returned to Allah and requested for further reduction and half of it was reduced. He (ﷺ) again passed by Musa (as) and he said to Prophet(ﷺ): 'Return to your Lord, for your followers will not be able to bear it. So, he (ﷺ) returned to Allah. He (ﷺ) returned to Musa (as) and he told him to go back once again. He (ﷺ) replied, 'Now I feel shy of asking my Lord again.'

Then Allah (swt)’s voice was heard that the five daily salah was obligatory on every believer and that the five salah will be rewarded as fifty salah. Then Jibril (as) took Muhammad (ﷺ) back to Makkah Mukarramah on the Buraq. This journey is known as ‘Isra wal Miraj’.