Year 7 Excursion: Islamic Museum of Australia

29 October 2015

Alhumdulillah, by the grace and will of Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala, the Year 7 students took part in an excursion to the Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA) as part of their Islamic Studies coursework.

The aim was to bring to life the hadeeth of our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihe wasallam who said: “Seeking knowledge is the compulsory duty of every Muslim”. By going to the Islamic Museum, students were able to step out of their regular environment and go out to seek knowledge of Islam.

By listening to the interesting stories from the engaging tour guides and seeing all the wonderful visual displays, and by participating in the Islamic Art activities the students were able to interact and connect to their Islam in a physical and practical way.

The Year 7’s learned about:

  • Their Deen

  • Their Identity

  • Their Muslim community and the people in it

  • Their rich Islamic History and Heritage

  • Their Islamic Culture

  • And how Islam first came to Australia

In a nutshell, the visit to the IMA was a dynamic way to bring together the Islamic Studies lessons the Year 7’s have been learning throughout the year. They are now more confident about who they are because they have a better understanding of their Islamic History, Faith and Culture that is reflected in their identities as Muslims of Australia and the World.

A special note:

Teachers Ustadh Azim, Ustadha Khadeejah and Ms Breis were very pleased with the excellent behaviour of the Year 7’s. Well done kids, mashaAllah.