Al Siraat Post Office News

6 September 2018

In the afternoon of Wednesday, 5 September 2018, Ms Evla 'employed' two kind students, Hala and Abraham from Year 3B who accepted to help sort and distribute the Literacy & Numeracy Week mail to teaching staff.

We were overwhelmed when we opened up our mailbox. Dare we say, there might have been 250 - 300 letters of appreciation and gratitude written by our students to their teachers. Mv Evla, Hala and Abraham individually sorted each letter.

Some teachers received a paperbag parcel due to the sheer amount of love. Ms Evla stated that many staff members had teary eyes and got emotional while reading their "fan mail" at night time, mashaAllah. Hala and Abraham were happy little posties. Both stated they would consider working for Austtralia Post one day.

Many thanks to all the classes who took the time to write a letter to that special person. Let us hope the art of letter writing will live on, inShaAAllah!