End of 2014 Special Junior Assembly

12 December 2014

The final Junior Assembly was held on the last day of Term 4 on Friday, 12th December 2014. Students were presented with Awards for Best Achievement and Best Effort. Mabrook and Well Done to our students for completing a successful and enriching academic year at Al Siraat College:


*FA Sumayyah Brookman

*FB Safiyah Mohamed

*FC Maya Liyana Pera

*1A Fahma Faseer

*1B Aisha Muhyadin Ibrahim

*2A Tariq Maqbool

*2B Mariam Siddiqui

*3A Sania Jabeen

*4A Zaynab Ibrahim Kewal

*4B Haniyah Jabeen

*5A Safiyyah Moeladawilah

*6A Aishah Arain

*5B Yusuf Brookman

*6B Ibrahim Elayoubi

*Hifz A Hamdan Mohammed Yousuf

*Hifz A Ruweyda Yusuf

*Hifz B Mohsin Khan

*Hifz B Yusuf Mohammed Sardar

*Academic Excellence in Hifz: Abdirahman Mohamed

Primary: BEST EFFORT December 2014

*FA Rimsha Dawood

*FB Walid Ahmed Ahmedin

*FC Jameela Makbool

*1A Rayan Elayoubi

*1B Sulekha Dahir Mohamed

*2A Mariam Moeladawilah

*2B Zakariya Ali

*3A Amirah Al Aboudi

*4A Nameer Siddiqui

*4B Eman Tiba

*5B Ayman Yohannes

*6A Mariam Al-Ghazawi

*6B Khaled Wahab

*Hifz A Mohammed Abdul Saleem

*Hifz A Jabir Abdirazak Farah

*Hifz B Omer Mohammed

*Hifz B Abdirahman Hassan

*Best Effort in Hifz: Ibrahim Usman

*Complete Memorisation of the Holy Qur'an: Mohamed Hassan

ICAS Awards

The International Competitions and Assessments of schools (ICAS) are independent skill based assessments with a competition element. It is commonly referred to as the UNSW. The Principals Awards go to

*Mathematics Year 2: Dawud Ali Alam

*English Year 4: Hamdan M Yousuf

*Spelling Year 4: Hamdan M Yousuf