First 100 Days of School for Foundation

19 August 2019

Our lovely Foundations have reached 100 Days of School! We enjoyed a special assembly on Friday celebrating all the learning and hard work they have been doing in their first 100 Days!

We started our assembly by a beautiful recitation of the Quran. Students spoke about what they have learnt and enjoyed in their first 100 days of school. Each student did such a fantastic job of speaking confidently! We are very proud!

It was a fun day full of activities and laughter. Ms Summer and Ms Rahat surprised the students with popping 100 balloons using their body parts expect for their hands.

We have created a little video clip outlining their journey so far and their big celebration day.

Click here to view video "100 Days of Learning"

It is truly wonderful to see just how far our youngest students have already come and the incredible progress that they have made. Congratulations to all the Foundation students on such a fantastic start to their school life!