First Excursion for our Foundation Students

12 May 2016

Foundation students attended Ceres Education Park in Brunswick where they participated in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander "Dreamtime" stories for their very first school excursion.

Students got to see the environments where Dreamtime stories begun beside a creek, and they got to dress up as animal characters to participate in the 'Tille the Frog' Dreamtime story. Students got to meet 'Tida', an Aboriginal from the Wurundjeri Tribe and see how Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander make face painting, see how stories are recorded onto animal skins and rocks, see the Aboriginal flag, and hear a didgeridoo being played.

This experience was a part of the students Inquiry unit on 'My Personal World', looking at family stories. Thank you to all the students for their excellent behaviour and a thank you to the parent helpers.