Foundation: Chesterfield Animal Farm

6 December 2021

Last week, on the 29th of November, the Foundation students had their very much awaited excursion to the Chesterfield Animal Farm.

Alhamdulillah, it was an amazing experience for all our students and teachers! We were greeted by an enchanting peacock at the entrance, and then followed with some patting and cuddling of baby animals like bunnies, sheep and even a lizard! We also got to see fantastic demonstrations of all the products we get from these animals, and we all learnt so many facts (psst ...did you know the deer antlers fall off every year?!?! And the bigger the antlers are, the older the deer is! How cool is that?!)

The highlight of our day was the tractor ride and the feeding of animals. All the children had a feeding bag and were really excited to feed the animals. It was the first time feeding for many of them and they absolutely loved it!! And so did we!!

We are looking forward to more trips next year, inShaAllah.