Gingerbread Men Baking

10 December 2018

As part of the literacy program, our Year 1 students have been reading fairy tales and now learning to write a narrative as part of their author study. The students read and discussed the book "The Gingerbread Man" and then wrote their own version of the story.

As an extension exercise, students designed their own gingerbread shapes in the class. They learnt and spoke on how to write a procedure and follow a recipe. The students asked Ms Michelle if the Year 1 class could bake gingerbread with her in the food technology room.

The students had a lot of fun making and decorating the gingerbread. The students learnt about measurement, addition, following a recipe, writing a procedure and working in teams. It was a fruitful experience for the students.

Thank you to Ms Michelle and Ms Sabrija who allowed and supported the students in the food technology room. I would also like to thank Ms Arwa and Miss Aminah Orhan for their assistance and time.

Year 1A & Ms Elif