Girls Soccer Club: "Whittlesea Girls Can" Campaign

16 November 2018

This month, 13 of our Year 3 students were interviewed by the City of Whittlesea’s Youth Development Officer, Ms JasmineOuaida, for establishing a lunchtime Girls Soccer Club.

The City of Whittlesea is currently running the #WhittleseaGirlsCan campaign to encourage greater participation of women and girls in sports and recreation in the region.

The students each received a Certificate of Participation. The participating girls were:

  • Year 3A: Rameen, Aisha and Hareem
  • Year 3B: Esma, Faryal and Aminah E.
  • Year 3C: Karima, Sajda, Maryam and Amani A.
  • HifzA: Shafiqah

The Girls Soccer Club is open to all grade 3 students and they train every Monday at lunch time.

Sr. Jasmine interviewed Senior girls Sevval I. (Year 11) and Hooda M. (Year 10) to talk about young Muslim women in sports and their experiences in sports. They are both active students and advocated for having more girls participating in sports and recreation.

Ms Tanya and her daughter Mariam M. in Year 6 were also interviewed by Sr. Jasmine for their annual participation in the Great Cycle Challenge fundraiser for childhood cancer research.