Junior School: Lunchtime Clubs

15 May 2018

Lunch break is a time for students to walk and talk with friends, play ball games and run around. Sometimes however, the school yard can be overwhelming with all the energy and noise. We are excited to announce that we have launch some Lunchtime Clubs for our Juniors this week!

In an effort to create opportunities that support ’soft skills' and allow for our Foundation to Year 4 Junior students to interact and develop pro-social skills our committed teachers are opening up their classrooms for some play based activities. The activities offered by our kind teachers, with their own interests and talents coming to the fore, provide plenty of scope for acquiring skills and making friendships outside the usual circle!

Staff will remind all students of the Clubs available and the days they are on offer during assembly time. Signage will be displayed on the main Junior Years Noticeboard, opposite my office. In the event, where a teacher is absent the club will be cancelled. Students do not need to sign up but simply come along with their best manners on the day in each teacher’s classroom.

The Club activities include:

  • Ms Evette’s Calm Colouring Club – Day 2 & 7 (Tuesday)
  • Ms Gulcan’s Beading Club – Day 1 & 6 (Monday)
  • Ms Annette’s Literature Club – Day 2 & 3 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • Ms Khadejah’s Number Games Club – Day 5 & 10 (Fridays)
  • Ms Hawa’s Yoga-Pilates – Day 1 (Monday) & Day 8 (Wednesday)
  • Ms Siti & Ms Sheerin’s Lego Time – Day 5 (Friday) & Day 8 (Wednesday)
  • Ms Arwa’s Arabic Stories & Games – Day 4 (Thursday) + Arabic for Newbies Club – Day 6 (Monday)
  • Ms Evla’s Coding Club – Day 5 (Friday)
  • Ms Gulsen, Ms Melike & Ms Maysam Gardening Gurus – to be advised
  • Ms Nishani’s Arty Smarty – Day 6 (Monday)