Junior School Staff Training

31 March 2017

Al Siraat hosted Michelle Hutchison who is renowned for her extensive academic qualifications in the field of literacy, dyslexia and learning difficulties on yesterday's student free day of Thursday, 30 March 2017. Michelle is well known for her unique ability to interpret research into simple, systematic and easy to follow guidelines to assist students with learning.

Michelle developed the SMART Spelling resource, designed to support teachers in the explicit teaching of spelling. It focuses on teaching spelling through patterns and regularity. Staff members had the privilege of working closely with Michelle to learn how to implement a whole school spelling approach which will benefit our students immensely. Her passion to provide teachers with practical strategies and tools was inspirational to all staff involved.

The course was interactive and engaging and all staff look forward to the application of the strategies and knowledge of the "SMART Spelling Approach" in our classrooms next term.