Lunchtime Activities with City of Whittlesea

13 July 2022

The Year 6 boys had lots of fun on Wednesday during lunch time, playing indoor ten-pin bowling.

City of Whittlesea’s Baseline staff, Sam and Kristy, came and set up indoor ten-pin bowling for the boys to try. The boys took turns to bowl, with the aim of knocking all their pins down. Great team work was witnessed as they each took turns to bowl, and each took turns to return the pins to standing position after they were knocked down, ready for the next person to have a go.

Sam and Kristy were great with the boys, teaching them techniques to help knock down the pins. They were very encouraging and the boys learnt a lot during the 30 minute session.

It was great seeing the boys have fun, utilising some excess energy, learning new skills, and working together so well, alhamdullilah.

We are very grateful to the City of Whittlesea for their coordination and support of regular lunch time activities for our students.

We look forward to their next visit, along with Rex from City of Whittlesea, for some Indigenous Games during lunchtime, inShaAllah.