Lunchtime Club: Cat Ownership

20 October 2022

This week we had members from the Cat Protection Society of Victoria visiting our school, and talking to our Primary students about Cat ownership and the ways we should care for cats.

Our Foundation to Year 2 students had the opportunity to engage with Tunip who is a rescue cat. Tunip was initially very shy but then with the support of the students, she was able to engage and have fun playing !

Islam teaches us to love all living things – humans and animals alike. Cats in particular are the perfect pet to have for companionship, gentleness and for being incredibly adorable!

Our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) taught Muslims to have mercy on all of Allah’s creations – he did not preach but modelled the behaviour of mercy and kindness.

Like many of us, the Prophet (PBUH) had a favourite cat called ‘ Muezza’. There’s a well-known story of both of them at the time when the Adhaan was called and Muezza was asleep on the Prophet’s robe. Rather than disrupting his cat, the Prophet cut off the part of his sleeve to leave Muezaa in peace. Our Prophet was seen to always practise immense care for Muezza.

Love and kindness goes a long away. We look forward to welcoming Tunip back at the College soon!