Oral Health Education Program: Phase 1

4 August 2016

Al Siraat College is pleased to inform that we are providing "Oral health Program” for Foundation to Year 2 students in collaboration with the School Dental Group this semester. This group makes the dental visits more convenient for parents by seeing the students during school hours.

This oral health awareness program will not only educate students and parents about the oral hygiene perspective but also providing treatment where ever required. The Oral Health Program is specifically designed for children and Dental Practitioners working with School Dental have extensive experience and training with working with and treating children.

Yes, our students are already attending PHASE 1

  • Phase 1: Detect and Arrest!

During our Detect and Arrest Phase we are able to detect any problems the students may have and arrest them, to stop the problem from developing into a more complex and serious problem. For this first visit to our school, an Oral Hygiene Unit will attend to the students general oral hygiene care. This phase may comprise of a check-up and clean, preventative bitewing x-rays for early caries detection and a remineralisation application to strengthen teeth.

An Oral Health Report will be completed for each student to be sent home to their parents informing them of their current oral health condition. A Treatment Plan may also be made to outline any relevant further treatment the student requires and is attached to their Oral Health Report.