Reading Competition on Pyjama Day

22 August 2019

As part of our Book Week celebrations students in Foundation to Year 4 embraced Pyjama Day in a multitude of colourful pj's and onesies on Thursday, 22 August 2019.

As a novelty event, members of our Senior Leadership and Customer Support teams were invited to read to our young students in Foundation to Year 2 for a special Reading Competition as part of their story time sessions. The activity was aimed at familiarising our students with the school’s leadership and vice versa.

Our Story Time Readers were:

  • FA : Ms Rahat Arain
  • FB : Ms Sana Jamil
  • FC. : Mr Vis Naidu
  • FD : Mr Fazeel Arain
  • 1A. : Ms Cheryl Becker
  • 1B. : Ms Shahidah Osman
  • 1C. : Ms Leah Hamel
  • 1D. : Ms Fatema Faoual
  • 2A : Ms Esra Boz
  • 2B : Ms Ayesha Malik
  • 2C : Mufti Aasim Rashid
  • 2D : Ms Aseel Tebeileh

A special Thank You to Ms Mehreen for organising this engaging novelty event! Our "undercover" judges Ms Tanya and Ms Misbah along with the classroom teachers will soon reveal which two staff member have won the beautiful gift hampers for "Best Story Time Reading".