Reading Competition Winners

22 August 2019

It’s an Alien ------- It’s a Sci Fi character ----- Oh! It’s Mr Vis walking up the corridor towards the Foundation C Room!

Congratulations to Mr Vis, our Head of Secondary School, for winning the Reading Competition held on Thursday, 22 August 2019 during Book Week. He was rewarded with a beautiful gift hamper.

It was a very tight race for second and third place between both Ms Fatema and Ms Rahat as well as Ms Leah. While Ms Fatema had taken her audience on a bear hunt across the classroom, Ms Rahat engaged the young students with a presentation and beautiful singing. Ms Leah also had an engaging activity planned out with the students, with the focus on how each individual is different and unique in their own special way. Mabrook and congratulations to all our story time readers!

The children and I were way too excited to see Mr Vis coming our way with a spider perched on his shoulder. I knew what he was up to, of course, but the students were totally unaware of his plan! He had a story book hidden away in his bag which he later on read to the class. The prompts used and the animal sounds created by the children and Mr Vis added a different dimension to this wonderful Story Time session.

The activity was aimed at familiarising our young students with the school's leadership and customer support teams and vice versa. It was indeed a fun filled time for our youngsters in Foundation to Year 2 on Pyjama Day Thursday.

Ms Najma Anis-Reusch

Foundation C