Respectful Conflict Resolution Program

1 August 2016

Male students from Year levels 5 and 6 received a four session program on ‘Respectful relationships’ to enhance mutual respect amongst each other. Thereby they have been receiving programs from College counsellors on various topics relating to respectful relationships.

As we celebrated ‘Respectful relationship’ Week, the session was conducted by Youth Development Officer’s from the Whittelesea Council, Peter Ajak and Jasmine Ouaida, on the topic of ‘Respectful problem Solving and Preventing Bullying’.

It was an interactive session where our students had the opportunity to learn and reflect on the virtues of respect and the awful act of Bullying.

Students took part in an interactive ice breaker activity. They were able to discuss ideas relating to respect and had the opportunity to participate in an activity involving strength cards. The best was saved to the last, with the session concluding with an activity involving students role playing various scenarios of Bullying, with strategies that they had developed to address the issues in the given scenario. It was a fun filled activity that not only enabled our students explore ways in which they can resolve conflict and bullying related issues respectfully, but also identified their wonderful skills of acting!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and Jasmine from the Whittlesea Council for delivering a fantastic session that was educational and enjoyable to our students. We look forward to further collaboration with the Council of Whittlesea to bring more programs like this to our students, inShaAllah.