RU OK Day - First Ever Virtual Playground

10 September 2021

Since our return to remote learning, student opportunities to talk to, play with, and check on friends have been hard to come by. We understand that social elements of student-to-student interactions are important for helping them remain part of the learning community and maintain friendships.

Along with our annual R U OK Day program, Al Siraat College launched the new Virtual Recess program with more than 600 primary students in staff-supervised Zoom sessions where they played games, talked with friends from all year levels, and got caught up on how others are doing while learning from home.

The students were all excited and very happy to see and play with their friends. We appreciate all our parents and carers, who made it possible for students to get online for this amazing event. We also thank all our amazing staff who helped us pull off what may well have been the first virtual recess attempted at ANY school during this world-wide pandemic!