Special End of the Year Assembly Junior School

11 December 2015

Students from Year Foundation to Year 6, their teachers and parents came together today to celebrate the end of a successful year in the Junior School.

The program of this Special Assembly was as follows:

  • Welcome & Acknowledgement by Ms Shahidah

  • Opening – Qur'an Recitation by Hafiz Jabir Farah (Yr 5/Hifz)

  • Speech by Mrs Rahat Arain – Principal Islamic Tradition

  • Du'a for completion of Qur'an by Hafiz Jabir Farah

  • HIFZ Award: Certificate for Completion of Qur'an by Ms Rahat

  • Performance of Nasheed by Foundation B

  • ACADEMIC EFFORT Awards by Ms Rahat

  • Speech by Mr Andrew Houghton - Principal Academics

  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Awards by Mr Houghton

  • SPORTS ACHIEVEMENT Awards by Mr Houghton

  • Performance by Aishah Arain & Aliya Pera – ‘Forgotten Promises’

  • Year 6 Graduation Certificates by Mr Houghton & Ms Rahat

  • Graduation Speech by Ms Noori (Yr 6B), Ms Emily (Yr 6A) and Ms Aquila (Yr 6 Hifz)

  • Thank you and Farewell to Ms Aquila by Mr Houghton

  • Reflection by Yusuf Brookman (Year 6B)

  • Perfomance by Aishah Arain & Aliya Pera – ‘With you’

  • Closing Dua by Hafiz Jabir Farah and Sheikh Waseem

  • End of Assembly