Special Ramadan Assembly

12 June 2015

Our fortnightly Junior assembly was all about the upcoming blessed month of Ramadan this Friday morning. As usual, we started with a beautiful Qur'an recitation by Shaykh Abdul Rahman and Yusuf Brookman from Year 6B, followed by Ms Shahidah addressing the students. College Iman Maulana Waseem reflected about Ramadan and our Year 5A students gave a presentation about the "Ramadan Quizz". Abdul Raqeeb presented a Ramadan poem and our Year 3 students later onshow-casted their class findings about "States of Matter: Fluid, liquids, gas" in a song and group presentation to the assembled Junior students. They also spoke to the students about their Scienceworks Sleepover (camp) experience this year and a video with their camp photos was shown to reflect upon their words.

As always, academic and value certificates were given to students and the assembly concluded with a heartfelt du'a made by Shaykh Abdul Rahman.