Special Ramadan Assembly

17 May 2018

A special Ramadan Assembly was conducted for the Year Foundation - 4 students on Monday, 7th and 14th May to welcome the sacred month of Ramadan.

Students from Year Foundation to Year 4 enjoyed the presentations by some of the Year levels in the separate assemblies for F-2 and Year 3-4.

The students enjoyed every moment of the program with some very good reminders for the sacred month. They learnt the do’s and don’ts during the month of Ramadan as well.

It was a pleasure to have Mufti Aasim Rashid as the guest speaker who shared some excellent tips to prepare and get the best out of this month.

In Sha Allah, we all should connect with Allah (swt) daily by committing ourselves to acts that draws us closer to Him. Begin the month of Ramadan with correct intention of increasing our consciousness of Allah through fasting.

Have a blessed and happy Ramadan!