The Golden Age Production

3 November 2023

Lights! Camera! Action!" Our "The Golden Age" production featured, for the very first time, a show that educated, inspired, and entertained in a way very few others have done in the past. In a time where animations, sitcoms, social media, and sporting personalities dominate the hearts and minds of our children the light is not actually at the end of the tunnel but rather in our own “golden history."

“The Golden Age” production featured nasheeds, poems, acts, and performances educating viewers on the contribution Islam has had over time. At the heart of the production is showing our children that they can learn about Islam yet have fun at the same time. The entire process of the production, which involves hundreds of students in various capacities, embeds a belief in students that Islam is much more than just “halal and haram” and learning about our glorious history can be incredibly entertaining. The entire process showed our children that while there are things that are not permissible there is so much more that is, and they can have fun!

The show differed from many other productions in that it is not an enactment of an existing play such as Macbeth or The Merchant of Venice but rather everything has been developed from scratch. The performances, the narration, the script, the costumes, the lighting, and effects, have all been created by the production team, making it truly the first of its kind. The production involved students from all ages starting with 5 years of age through to our 18-year-old MC. Transforming a multi-purpose auditorium into a stage and show venue was in itself a major feat, which had again drawn on many different people from engineers, site managers, and event production companies.

While the production will inshAllah educate in so many way,s it reminds us of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) words that “Allah’s hand is with the united community” as everything that has been achieved is only from so many people coming together both inside and outside the school. We pray that the production instils in the hearts of children a love and desire to know more about their Islamic history to strengthen their Iman for the road ahead.