Virtual Eid Dress-up Day Celebrations

11 August 2020

Students in our lower Primary classes celebrated Eid Al-Adha with their classmates and teachers throughout last week in an online "Eid Dress-Up Day" celebration.

Our Foundation to Year 2 students had a fun time sharing how they had spent Eid at home with their families. Dressed in their gorgeous outfits and best clothes, they spoke about the delicious meals with their families, their Eid gifts and new toys received.

As Ms Husna (Year 2B) observed:

"It was beautiful to see the students all in their different and colourful Eid clothes. Students showcased their outfits to each other whilst listening to Eid Nasheeds. It was a joyous experience to see all the kids smile and being happy."

Year 2A student Abdurrahman Saad has also provided us with a lovely recitation of "Labbayk". Click here to view the video clip.

Alhamdulillah! Despite the Covid19 restrictions, the spirit of Eid still remained high.