Welcome Ramadan 1444

24 March 2023

Ramadan Mubarak on this first blessed Jummah of the sacred month! May Allah (SWT) accept our fasts and ibadah. There is a special buzz in the Primary Building upon the arrival of our most noble and honoured guest Ramadan:

Our Primary buildings are beautifully decorated and definitely have the ‘Ramadan Vibe: Students in various classes can be heard practicing their du'as, listening to Ramadan stories, discussing how they can benefit others during this sacred month and creating beautiful Ramadan related art work ( just to name a few of the things being done).

Our Islamic Studies Department along with the help of our wonderful Teacher Assistants were able to organise Ramadan packs for all of our Primary students. Each pack contains a good deed card, 3 dates and a Ramadan badge. More than 800 packs were packed in total by our dedicated staff. In Sha Allah, our students enjoyed the packs as much as we enjoyed making them.

Students from Foundation D have also been enjoying the festive atmosphere. Apart from other creative endeavours, we have created a Ramadan Tree board. In the picture, you can see the students posing for a photo with our Head of Primary School Mr Mohamed.

We also had a wonderful large poster on display where we tear off a page each morning to show how many days we have left until the blessed month of Ramadan commenced. The countdown was a part of the extra effort we are making to really develop the love of Islamic special celebrations and in particular Ramadan.

May Allah (SWT) accept it from us.