World Mental Health Day in Primary

24 May 2023

Our Primary Student Support Department team supported the awareness and advocacy of World Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health Day which is commemorated each year on 23rd May.

Some of the highlights on Tuesday included:

  • Foundation and Year 1 students were invited to participate in a colouring competition. The Primary SSD will be selecting the winning colouring sheet from each class and providing these students with a prize in Friday’s assembly.
  • Year 2 - 6 students could partake in a poster competition. Poster can be displayed in the classroom and referred to as positive reinforcement for check in's during the term. SSD will be selecting the winning poster from each class and will be providing these students with a prize in Friday’s assembly as well. The reward will be decided based on creativity, content, and presentation.

During lunch time, our female students were also making friendship wristbands while the boys were engaged in some friendly sports activities on the oval. Additionally, staff were providing dates for each class to enjoy during recess or lunch.

At Primary prayer time, our Year 3 - 6 students came together to pray in congregation inside the Musalla and listened to a talk afterwards that focused on mental health awareness from the Islamic World view.