Year 1 and Year 2 Excursions Term 4

2 December 2014

On Wednesday, 26th of November, our Year 1 students visited the Diamond Valley Railway in Eltham as a part of our Unit of Inquiry “Transportation”.

We had long rides on the miniature train. The train journey was scenic and set in natural bushland. The two kilometre track went over bridges, through two tunnels, up and down with slight rises and descents, through the middle track of the main station for a second smaller loop. After that we had lunch in the beautiful BBQ area. The kids had so much fun!

The Year 2 students went on an educational excursion to Science Works on 2nd December 2014. The program complements our unit of inquiry ‘Toys and Tools’ and enhances their learning.

The students were very engaged in experimenting with toys. They participated enthusiastically in the science show that encouraged them to investigate the actions of forces in the workings of different toys. The children had lots of fun learning about pushing, pulling and friction. The excursion has been a great opportunity for the students to participate in curriculum-related activities outside the normal school routine.