Year 1 Incursion: Wildlife Encounters

17 December 2021

Our Year 1 students were super excited to welcome some unusual scaly and slithery guest to our assembly room for their "Wildlife Xposure" incursion.

Exploring and learning about living things, nature and the environment transformed an everyday class lesson into a truly unique and real life memorable hands-on learning experience: Students could touch, hold and interact with lizards, frogs, turtles and even confronted a non-venomous pythons and marvel at salt and fresh water crocodiles!

We are grateful that this incursion, postponed due to lockdown, could finally go ahead. It truly made for a special treat and highlight at the end of the academic year. Examining and discovering our wondrous native wildlife up close will help grow their appreciation and understanding of nature, biological science and living things, inShaAllah.